• BOOM!! Back In The Studio!

    Hello Friends! Since today marks the 1 year anniversary of the release of my “Say What You Will” EP, it seems only fitting that I should update you all on my current endevours and progress since this time last year as a celebration of this fine event… ***drum rolllll***     I’m back in the […]

  • ‘Tis The Season

    Hello all! It’s been a FANTASTIC year of shows! We’ve been busy, busy, busy since the release of “Say What You Will”! We have no plans of slowing down either. As the holidays approach, I wanted to update you on what’s happening. We have a lot of recurring shows you can check out – they’re […]

  • Sweet Shows for Spring and Summer!

    Spring is finally here! I’ve shaken off the icicles that had accumulated in my bones, and started this warm season off with a FABULOUS show list! Head on over to my “upcoming shows” tab and check out all the places we’ll be playing this summer. Venues include places all over NC, SC, TN, and GA! […]

  • On The Eve of the Big Release…

    Hey ya’ll! I thought I’d write a little something on the eve before the big day. My 6 song EP “Say What You Will” releases TOMORROW, and the show I’m playing @ Isis Restaurant and Music Hall to celebrate is already SOLD OUT. I can’t believe it! I’ve never sold out a show in my […]

  • Official EP Release Date Announcement

    Hey guys! I am so pleased to announce the official release date of my upcoming album “Say What You Will” iiiiiiissssssss…….(DRUMROOOOLLLL)…… February 6th, 2015! You dont’ know how long I’ve waited to slap a date on this thing… this has been a labor of love to say the least! A four year project in the […]

  • Finally, Some EP NEWS!

    I’m so excited to announce, my friends and fans that my 6 song EP entitled “Say What You Will” will be releasing SOONER then I thought!! For those of you that have been with me through the creative and development of this project, you KNOW what a huge deal this is!! I’ve just received the […]

  • A Season of Changes

    2013 brought so many new things, it’s hard to even remember them all. To start, I took the winter off to focus on wedding planning… that’s right friends – I’M GETTING MARRIED!!! For those of you that don’t know, my handsome fiance proposed to me on the beach last May. It’s been a long year […]

  • ***BAND ALERT***

    To all of you who have been waiting for this moment, the time is NEAR, dear friends. In the last several months I’ve had some seriously great opportunities come my way and I’ve tried to take advantage of every one of them! Recently in the months of December and January I joined forces with a […]

  • Mixing, Mixing, Mixing…

    I can say with complete confidence, my friends that ALL my tracks are LAYED! YAY!!!! For those of you who know how long I’ve been working on my album, this is a HUGE step towards completion. I spent last night cleaning up and pre-mixing all the tracks so they would be ready to send to […]

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