Back in the Saddle Again…. Christmas Style!

Hey-oh everybody! Summer is sadly over, but it was an amazing season of traveling for Soil & Stars. Now that I’m back at home and gearing up for the colder weather, I HAVE SOME NEWS.

**** DRUM ROLL **** 

…….I’m releasing a HOLIDAY EP!!!!!  YAAAAAAAS!

I jumped back in the studio with Anthony Dorion from Good Flow Productions to make this happen. We’ve been diving into the holiday mood since July (which is a bit weird at that time of year, I must say). I’ve always wanted to do one of these. I wanted this to be my take on small compilation of some of my favorite tunes I like to hear around the holidays. It will include 5 Christmas songs (including an HG original tune!) and 1 NYE tune. I’ve brought back my favorite people to play on it, and I’m already SUPER pumped about how it’s turning out. We’re currently wrapping up the last bit of tracking and mixing right now before sending it off to mastering, so this month is officially CRUNCH TIME.

Stay tuned for an official release date, but on the DL you can expect to see it pop up around Thanksgiving (just in time for our short run of shows in CO!). GAAAAAAAAH I’m SO excited! 

In the mean-time you can catch me at all the places! Click on my “upcoming shows” tab to find out where – and with WHO! We’re planning a special CD Release Christmas special show in mid December to celebrate, so be on the lookout for tickets to that soon. 

Stay tuned! All things good and grand coming your way. I LOVE YOUR FACES and I’ll see you on the flip. 

Keep on rockin’, 




One thought on “Back in the Saddle Again…. Christmas Style!

  1. Hope! I just pre ordered the Christmas album!!! Can’t wait to get it bumpin in my truck! i really appreciate your friendship even if it’s currently just online. You are truly a joy to watch and listen to. You have a sweet spirit and a beautiful heart! looking forward to many more great albums from you! love you My “49er wife” lol Sorry Adam. ha ha!

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