“Just So You Know” Original Song; LIVE at GingerBird Studios

“Right Where You Want Me” Original Song; Isis Restaurant & Music Hall

Rooted Collection: “Gone with the Wind” Original Song; Asheville, NC

Rooted Collection: “Postmark from Nowhere” Original Song; Asheville, NC

“A Fisherman’s Life” Original Song. Acoustic Asheville

“Song of the Whippoorwill” Original Song; Black Bear Coffee Co.

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” IZ Cover; Black Bear Coffee Co.

“Folsom Prison Blues” Johnny Cash Cover w/ Jesse Iaquinto

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  1. Have listened to your progression as a singer/songwriter & musician over the past 6 years, & love what I hear! It’s so refreshing to hear genuine, heartfelt music w/ depth & talent. All the best!

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